Augumented virtual Reality (AVR)

AVR is a mixed-reality method of design that pioneers new and exciting ways for clients, partners and developers to view and experience their homes and office spaces. As opposed to the widely-used approach to architectural renderings, AVR presents the unique service of creating fully interactive and completely immersive walkthroughs of any client’s and partner’s home or office space, giving them a practical experience of how their design will feel down to the very last detail.

We at WhiteBricks are passionate about growth and change and are constantly adding new and exciting features to our technology to make your VR experience even more immersive and interactive.
Our diverse team brings valuable experience from a number of fields including architectural design, interior and graphics design, graphics illustration. We are currently exploring the introduction of 3D art and game design. AVR is forging the way of architectural visualization for the future, and we are excited to help you visualize your new project!