Office Space

WhiteBricks-The Frontier

It is with great pleasure to introduce our company’s latest project; WhiteBricks Frontier. It encapsulates the notion of modern urban office space. The architectural design is derived from the idea of elegant aesthetics in a deliberate attempt to bridge the boundaries between mediocre and luxury. The concept of the office space endeavors to harmonize cost effective and luxury ambience into a seamless form. The project will continue to elaborate WhiteBricks’ commitment to quality, affordability and timely delivery.

The elegant building will prove to be a great asset for investors and commercial occupants are set to become part of the thriving Lagos Business community.

The lines of the building hark back to the symmetry found in functional art and design architecture. This modern interpretation of commercial designs provides a simple and refreshing alternative to the typical forms associated with contemporary architecture. The design also provides the building with an imposing aura and sense of grandeur due to the sheer selection of materials and alignment of its façade structure.”

We give VALUE to our clients.